Recent project 'Tide'

University projects

Shining a Light – University Project – Camera Operator

For this project me and my team were tasked with ‘Shining a Light’ on a particular topic/person. We chose Jon Fowlie, a pole dance instructor from Glasgow, who has an amazing relationship with the artform.

A Date in Time – University Project – Camera Operator 

In response to the brief to make a 2 minute taster for a dating show, my team and I decided on a time travelling format which would see contestants go back to different eras to see whether they can find love.   


Love It or List It part 1 – University Project – Production Manager and Camera Operator 

My team and I had to plan, cast and shoot our own version of the first part of the property show Love It or List It… and here is the result! 


My Special Talent – University Project – Camera Operator 

This short video showcases Ross’ love and special talent of Golf.

A Bit Picky – Short Film – Camera Operator

During the pandemic me and my friends were getting a little bored, so we decided to shoot a short film about two very picky individuals struggling to decide on a place to eat.

Lazy Sunday

Montage Film

This is one of the first video projects I worked on. I used my Nikon D5300 to film stuff going on around the house on a Sunday morning and put it all together using windows movie maker.